FAQ Ahead.IO Kits

This page is intended to be specifically about the purchasable kits, there will be some overlap with general FAQ. Check the sidebar on the right to jump to the correct question

What are the differences between the kits? Which should I get?

Ahead.IO offers multiple kits.

  • Kit Zero contains all the electronics and mechanical pieces to get you started with your build, but does NOT come with 3D printed parts. You'll have to print them, and assemble the headset.

  • Kit One contains all the electronics and mechanical parts, along with the 3D printed parts. You'll still need to assemble and calibrate the headset.

  • Kit Two contains the headset fully assembled and pre-calibrated.

NOTE: All kits have 3m cables. All Kits contains one Ultraleap Stereo IR170. Although the RealSense T261 isn’t part of the kits, the kits still provide all parts to assemble the sensor. There are still some stores that are selling this particular sensor.

What kind of screws are in the kit? What tools do I need for assembly (what is included in the kit and what is not for putting everything together)?

The kits come with a full screwdriver kit, and all the screws you'll need to build the headset, aside from a soldering iron. A soldering iron is used for heating up the heat-threaded inserts and can be found at any local electronics store for around $10 USD.

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