This Unity Package contains the Unity Assets, Scenes, and Pre-warping systems necessary to build Unity applications with the Project North Star headset.

Make sure to check the Getting Started with Software page before following the instructions on this page.


These assets require the Multi-Device Beta Service to display hands.

These assets are dependent on Release 4.4.0 of the Leap Motion Unity Modules (included in the package).

Getting Started:

  • Make sure your North Star AR Headset is plugged in

  • In windows display settings make sure the headset is showing at the correct resolution (2880x1600) and is to the right of the main monitor.

  • Create a new Project in Unity 2018.4 LTS

  • Import "LeapAR.unitypackage" from the Github Repo

  • Navigate to LeapMotion/North Star/Scenes/NorthStar.unity

  • Click on the ARCameraRig game object and look for the WindowOffsetManager component

  • Here, you can adjust the X and Y Shift that should be applied to the Unity Game View for it to appear on the North Star's display

  • When you're satisfied with the placement; press "Move Game View To Headset"

  • With the Game View on the Headset, you should be able to preview your experience in play mode!

    Key Code Shortcuts in NorthStar.unity (in the Editor with the Game View in focus and playing)

  • C to Toggle Visibility of Calibration Bars

Calibrating your Headset

We have included a pre-built version of the internal calibration tool. We can make no guarantees about the accuracy of the process in DIY environments; this pipeline is built from multiple stages, each with multiple points of failure. Included in the .zip file are a python script for calibrating the calibration cameras, a checkerboard .pdf to be used with that, and Windows-based Calibrator exe, and a readme describing how to execute the entire process.

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